♫♪  ∆ ∆ - “You”

The Fourth Wave label is utterly disgusted by the smooth edges overpopulating house music, which is why many of their releases feel like a tangy breath of fresh air. Their standard bearer, the enigmatic and frustratingly young Gerry Read, laughed uproariously in the face of club music cleanliness throughout his Jummy LP. The result was uncompromisingly rugged house, where rhythms were happy to be buried in a slurry of other sounds, remaining all the more intriguing for it.

Thankfully, this year starts in a similarly obnoxious, similarly enticing vein with the label’s newly signed Greek sensation Dimitras Dimas (a.k.a. “∆ ∆” a.k.a. “Delta Delta” a.k.a. “two triangles next to each other”). “You,” cut from an EP due in February, replaces conventional drums with spurts of grit, hosts some heavily driven lung work, and has a nice cowbell. Can you really ask for much more ?

• Fourth Wave: https://soundcloud.com/fourth-wave

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