♫♪  2 Chainz feat. T.I. - “Spend It (Remix)”

Ain’t this some shit. I’ll assume you won’t “get me wrong,” since I’m writing and you’re reading [see: @shithead], but “Spend It” has to be the greatest guilty pleasure of 2011… wait, what? T.I.? Now, this isn’t “good looking,” but money means everything these days. I don’t get paid to write this — #surprise, right? But I don’t give a shit; I like writing “I don’t give a shit.” Folks is fly, but when T.I. backs you up on I-75 because he had a car/gun fight and you miss your flight by two hours… *correction* that’s some shit.

“Spend It (Remix)” doesn’t even have a video. ( . ) ( . ) = $$$, and radio’s dead, T.I. Use the “Spend It [official video]” for an example of what parts sell. And who’s behind this 2 Chainz corporate naming? Tity Boi. His name is Tity Boi. That’s awesome. My girlfriend hates the word “titty.” Imagine if she had to call me that by name. “Imagine” is all you could do, because she’d never call me that. “Spend It [official video]” became number one as soon as the “(Remix)” hit. The shitty “[official video]” camera-in-the-cinema audio now remains a classic in my car (YouTube-bluetooth-sync). On high. T.I. wouldn’t name his baby Mercedes.

I don’t know when the 2 Chainz album will hit, but impulse buy that shit. Why. Not. ‘_’

• 2 Chainz: http://twochainz.com

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