♫♪  2 X Love - “Blue Gatorade”

Lil $ega of Hi-Hi Whoopee registered a six ‘a’ gat damn with their guest mix earlier in the month. The fifth ‘a’ came from the inclusion of #HDBOYZ - known primarily for their performance at 2011 MoMA PS1 showcase (the one where CBS News covered Glasspopcorn). The group disappeared soon after and Max Piff later told Mishka “we decided to abstain from performing until we could produce a proper show.”

It’s been three years since the PS1 and three months since that quote and Gunk TV Records has a duo primed to co-headline. 2X Love are friends and frequent collaborators Zak Mering and Sam Mehran. Zak created the GTV imprint where he has released an incredible amount of material under the Raw Thrills moniker and his younger sister is Weyes Blood (!). Sam gets off on working with an incredible amount of bitchin’ side projects, Test Icicles, Outer Limits Recordings, with Lauren Devine, Wingdings; there are a lot.

2 X Love — like #HDBOYZ — wants you girl. “Blue Gatorade,” off their debut EP # 1, is a brief ope-heart note wet with sport drink love and blown dry with autotune. “Lemon N Lime” has the chorus “said girl oooh we’re just like lemon and lime.” “2 X Real” spins around like the left brain vs right brain optical illusion, pleading their case singing “I’m going crazy giiirl.” The whole EP is free for download on Gunk TV.

• 2 X Love: https://gunktvrecords.bandcamp.com/album/1
• Gunk TV Records: http://gunktvrecords.blogspot.com

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