♫♪  2Morph - Panaceum (Snippets)

Unsure how GOOD MORNING TAPES’s newest tape Panaceum by 2Morph came into my psyche, but I ain’t complaining. It’s some solid post-/late-Mike Cooper melted with Grant Corum type mental-exploration that trudges lobs of your nods that have yet to be traversed. Or just have dust-laden layers upon their surface. Panaceum possibly takes listeners back to a simpler time for creativity, leaving ears in a field all on their own hearing shapes in the clouds, faces in the trees, waves along the blades of class, and whispers of the breathable air. All about the spice, 2Morph blends a variety of genres that are nearly a knife’s edge away from cutting edge of user-experience creative. Choose your own adventure:

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