♫♪  2muchachos - “A Place Where I Feel Calm”

Don’t try to ask me why this band is called 2muchachos instead of, oh, I don’t know, “Tres Friendos,” since there’s three of them. It makes even less sense given that they’re from Cherepovets, Russia. Anyway, these fellas have been doling out little gems over the past couple of years (a free EP here, a full-length CD over there, another free EP back over here, etc.), and now they have a fresh long-player on the way. Here’s a snuggly preview, a track with some chilly vocals wrapped in a blanket of intertwined guitar melodies amid a wooshy backdrop that is altogether super gorgeous (how typical, you muchachos, you):

No real release details have yet been shed by the band for the new album, but this track is also gently nestled into a lovely compilation of home-made Russian music called Be My Friend Again & Again from Russian Adults.

• 2muchachos: http://2muchachos-stuff.blogspot.com

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