a i r s p o r t s

First I was gonna start this blurb off with a “more cowbell” reference, and then I realized that is super lame. Then I wanted to talk about how much I love that early-80s synth “cowbell” sound that we still hear all over the place, and how it really doesn’t sound like a cowbell at all, but is so unmistakably TR-808. But then I realized I don’t know enough about synths to say that, and one of you readers will probably be all like “Aaaactutally, that sound first was heard in blah blah blah.”

So instead, I’ll just tell you that the newest track from French producer a i r s p o r t s features a hell of a lot of nostalgic analog percussion, and it builds into one of the best raise-the-roof-in-your-desk-chair tracks of the year so far. As a “taste of what’s to come,” a i r s p o r t s has released “Feelings” on SoundCloud to get us all psyched up for an immanent release.

• a i r s p o r t s: http://airsports.bandcamp.com

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