♫♪  Abigail Press - “take·a·way”

Abigail Press is intriguing. As I’m unfamiliar up until this point (which is Wednesday around 5:11PM), I took the liberty in finding more about this (LEGIT) elusive chanteuse. This is where I fell into her trap: she wanted me to find out more. Pictures, press tabs, every sort of social networking account, Jónó Mí Ló referencing her on Twitter, etc. But, to piggyback off of an idea Jónó had in his recent interview on TMT, Abigail Press really brings the IRL to URL and visa versa (I’m sure). And I dig the nature of how comfortable she appears doing so. Most people would FEAR projecting themselves like this across the internet — my SEO phobia included —yet, Abigail Press does not shy.

Like Molly Soda, Abigail Press is huge to me in the form of internet feminism, and I can get into anything she stamps. Thus, “take·a·way” is my jam shit on the sway //. Scope it out below and listen to those produced and sampled and compiled and layered vocals:

• Abigail Press: http://abigailpressmusic.com

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