♫♪  Abusive Consumer - Crumbling Portals [excerpt]

The entire Crumbling Portals cassette is the OST to when I walk away from family or friends going ape-shit on service/retail employees. It’s like when someone a little heavy gets wedged between two things, and you’re thinking, “If only they went on a walk a few times a week, wouldn’t be in this mess.” That’s why I started working out recently. Aggression gets weirder the more stagnant a situation becomes.

Back to this: here is the service/retail employee, and here’s the consumer. Here is one yelling at the other saying, “okay.” Here is the other at the same place 40 hours a week. Here is all the new technology that people have bought up. Here is the empty stockroom shelf. Here is the end of a day. Here is the person this effected the most. Here is the Crumbling Portals cassette from the latest batch on Retrograde Tapes.

• Abusive Consumer: http://soundcloud.com/a-consumer
• Retrograde Tapes: http://retrogradetapes.blogspot.com

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