♫♪  Adam Worthan - “Whatever Makes You Happy”

Some loops feel like they should go on forever. As in, it would be perfectly alright if said loop would be the only constant variable in an increasingly dynamic and confusing world. Everybody else would go on, walking parallel to cars and trains and airplanes, all doing the same monotonous task they do every day, content in the knowledge that there is one simple aspect of their lives that they can enjoy without change. Adam Worthan’s music is exactly that: a comfortable afternoon lying underneath the rain in a sunroom, sinking into a comfortable corduroy couch with your dog, absentmindedly sifting through photo albums that date back to your childhood. Some images trigger memories, some don’t. Today is a day for you; so sit back and enjoy it. Whatever makes you happy.

• Adam Worthan: http://adamworthan.bandcamp.com

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