♫♪  Ahwlee - 1991

In need of an impassioned kiss, but are lipless? If so, then boy do I have something to fill that lipless hole you call a mouth. Ahwlee — tender lover and seasoned beat vet — just got all plastic and metallic with his latest cassette on Paxico Records, and he can’t wait to play a little tonsil hockey with ya… you know, aurally.

Oh, wait. I was thinking of orally…

Uh, anyway, you can still buy 1991 digitally (even if that dang tape sold out QUICK) on the Paxico Bandcamp, and while there, learn some trivia about the actual year 1991. Fun fact: 1991 was the year the dinosaurs became extinct. Who knew?

• Ahwlee: https://soundcloud.com/ahwlee
• Paxico Records: https://paxicorecords.com

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