♫♪  Ahwlee - 1991

Back in 1991 I was six. Back in 1991 there were babysitters bragging about seeing Jordan jam the court. Back in 1991 best friends practically ended their relationships over the scales of Notorious B.I.G. and Tu-Pac. Back in 1991 Back in 1991, missing an episode of Fresh Prince or Dinosaurs almost got you lunch detention in school. Back in 1991 Kuwait was only a missile-ride away from America. Back in 1991 if you said Jeffrey Dahmer’s name thrice in the mirror at the strike of midnight while spinning in the bathroom, he’d come out of the reflection and kiss you on the cheek. Back in 1991 OJ Simpson was a totally free man. Back in 1991 there was a worser earthquake in Italy than the one that recently struck the country. Back in 1991: Rodney King. Back in 1991 Internet was obtainable for residential use and Tim Berners-Lee opened up the web browser to all. Back in 1991, Ahwlee was merely beginning research to put on the reel via Paxico Records. LezKeddit:

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