♫♪  Air Traffic Control Quartet - Blue Raspberry

Good 'pickins this year.

Lurching out of the glistening mulch of Culver City, CA comes none other than the Air Traffic Control Quartet, sporting a half-jazz/half-hell ditty strut that suits the late afternoon nicely as the crows start to gather up around the old street lamp again. Supposedly this group is made up of four members, but from the amount of instruments they seem to be picking up and putting down every other minute (one second it’s an all-acoustic double bass shuffle, the next it’s a swirling roundtable of brass moderated by harpsichord), it seems like they would need to have approximately six arms each to pull off these twisty, tangy 10+ minute medleys.

All mutant theories aside, Blue Raspberry comes courtesy of L.A. underbelly institution Sun Ark Records. You can sample a taste via the handy Bandcamp link below ~ just make sure to leave some for us.

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