♫♪  ākāśa - “glittering ascension”

A globule of glow-stick spillage suspended in an anti-gravity chamber undulates to the ripples of retro-rave synths, warping and twisting at the mercy of elastic arps and ultraviolet beams of bitcrushed texture. ākāśa’s “glittering ascension” carefully monitors the shape of this gelatinous test subject as it is battered by a chaotic pastiche of mid-90s happy hardcore and trance tropes, molding this formless blob into a fluorescent arrow pointed towards the ceiling.

The tune is a burst of pure kinetic force, one that propels its listener directly upward for the entirety of its 3-and-a-half minute duration. Insectoid whirrs and fluttering arpeggios wrap around the listener as they climb, a vertical transit tube directing machine-gun kick drum pulses towards a strobe-light firmament.

Are you ready to surrender to a realm of of pure artificiality?

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