♫♪  Al Lover - “Super Strength (Power Plants)” feat. Morgan Delt

Yes! “Super Strength (Power Plants)” by Al Lover feat. Morgan Delt is DREADFUL! But I totally mean that in a way which I feel a sense of dread while listening to it, and I’m thinking that’s exactly the emotion they’re trying to muster up in listeners. Like, I get it: all the power plants will grow up and around every building with instant photosynthesis, drawing upon deeply rooted super strength that’ll divide us as species. I get it. We’re fucked. The trees will finally come for us in our time of weakness, and there’s nothing we can do but submit our human selves to vegetation, as vegetation has always submitted itself to human living. And this ain’t just a U.S. thing either, no. Take Morgan Delt for example: international, across many lands and seas and…. shit Morgan Delt is from LA. Okay, well what about Al Lover’s international appea… oh, they from San Francisco? Seems like they’re prophesying here about a country and not the world, y’all. It’s about time we all move out, no?

Listen to “Super Strength (Power Plants)” by Al Lover feat. Morgan Delt streaming below and you do the math. In the mean time, grip Al Lover’s entire new album Sacred Drugs via digital, or on LP through Psych Army Intergalactic and on CS via Crash Symbols.

• Al Lover: https://soundcloud.com/al-lover
• Morgan Delt: https://morgandelt.bandcamp.com
• Crash Symbols: https://crashsymbols.bandcamp.com
• Psych Army Intergalactic: https://psycharmy.bandcamp.com

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