♫♪  Alexandre Navarro - Sketches [album stream]

I know it’s technically August now, but I just realized that the July batch of cassettes recently released by Constellation Tatsu Recordings is incredibly great. Including the previously chocolate-gound Cankun record Idle, the four tapes include artists from all over the board and all over the map. French master minimalist composer Alexandre Navarro has contributed to this California cassette label Sketches, a full collection of signature electronica, which is, as always, delightfully crisp yet scrumptiously smooth and subtle — kinda like those flamin’ hot Frito burritos they had at Taco Bell for a while.

Navarro’s Sketches is out now on Constellation Tatsu. The July batch also includes recordings from ambient heart-wrenchers Billy Gomberg and Hakobune.

• Alexandre Navarro: http://alexandrenavarro.com/issue/#3
• Constellation Tatsu: http://ctatsu.com

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