♫♪  Alligator Indian - Spring I’m In [album stream]

This isn’t exactly your standard tribal-infused, synth-soaring ordeal. First of all, it’s better than that. I believe that people too often forget that sheer high-quality can be a way to stake out originality. As in, just sounding good — polished, self-assured, harmonious — can set an album apart from the overcrowded brood out of which it levitates, aglow. Such is the principle that marks Alligator Indian’s most immediate draw. Spring I’m In demands no test of patience to listen to from front to end, unlike some of even today’s best band’s efforts. If you’re reading this website, you’ve most likely discovered for yourself that there exists a sweet-spot between music that plucks your frontal lobe and music that taps into pure aural pleasure — or, in other words, music that combines musicianship with ideas. Aligator Indian happily mines that middle ground, and, doing justice to their label’s cause, they strike at least a little aesthetic gold.

Spring I’m In is out now on Bleeding Gold. Stream/Buy the whole album here.

• Alligator Indian: http://alligatorindian.bandcamp.com
• Bleeding Gold: http://bleedinggold.com

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