♫♪  Alpha Strategy - Drink the Brine, Get Scarce

Have you heard the one about that instrument cable jammed so far up that…

  Bloodshot Chris Isaak comes out gyrating, spilling out of nowhere, yelling out, with a cat-scratch voice, sore in the throat and sore in the bones, close to near ruin, thanks to a night of belting out uncouth variations of Wicked Games while smashing Stoli. Planet top shelf came crashing down, making Stoli floor splatters, until the after-hours were tapped. He forgot to take the Stoli out of his pocket, that’s why he keeps running into this problem.

But Alpha Strategy, eager to keep up the pace, lucid to detail, they remembered. Before going buck-wild, before plunging butt-first into the drudge of seedy CNP-esque rock, before really getting down to writhing and wriggling “in a wiggly world”, before dropping picks and dropping to the floor in total malfunction spasms, before tall hair bops left, right, before swapping “business casual” look for “crazy man,” before joining the mid-tempo circus (what’s that smell?), the Alpha Strategy boys took out their flasks, took out their wallets, kissed their loved ones goodbye, tipped their bartender, and silenced their phones.

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