♫♪  Ambersmoke - “Nonchalance”

West Coast Ambersmoke are pumping out material in a Kevin Drummesque manner. Already racking up twenty full-lengths, splits, VHS somethings, Swans tribute albums, whatever since 2010. A journey illuminated with last year’s well overlooked Une Femme Est Une Femme off circa-1980s Batcave referencing label Bone Orchard – and with songs like “Making Suicide Pacts with (Pity Sex’s) Britty Drake,” what’s not to love.

Come “Nonchalance,” off Wear Your Love Like Heaven, their most recent collection of self-released demos and non-demos. The track’s drilling constant and bareback Primal Scream “Loaded” drumming that fills every crack in the mortar of this shawdy apartment, plays to the sunnier side of the usually USBM-driven dudes from California. So yeah, stream below.

• Ambersmoke: http://ambersmoke.bandcamp.com

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