♫♪  A.M.I.G.A feat. Infinity Meter - “LATINCHAT”

What was it about early 2000s electronic that embodied so much Sass™ and Glam®? In the aftermath my monthly binge/ritual of electro-clash, trance, and all dance in between, I always come away astounded at how brash music of the time was, verging on excess. And that’s even ignoring how outwardly sexualized it all was. Does that betray some age of confidence, or even some weirdly conveyed, cynical zeitgeist? I can’t tell, I just adored Fischerspooner around then. The vague abrasiveness of electro-pop, edgy by virtue of tone and verging on cheeky (which, for the record, I love more than most things in life). It’s probably no wonder I feel right at home with today’s overbearing social presences and the unabashed celebration of pop.

I think I’d be doing a terrible disservice interpreting A.M.I.G.A’s music beyond what it sounds like: a manic, bouncy synth pop at home on an indigo and peach drenched catwalk. Yet I can’t ignore that nagging feeling that the Uruguayan duo feels my wavelength and adores the gratuitous 21st century just as much as me.

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