♫♪  Amnesia Scanner - AS LIVE [][][][][]

Amnesia Scanner just dropped one of the more captivating releases of the year with AS LIVE [][][][][]. Ostensibly capturing a live performance from 3/15/2014 (see: cover art), the 23-minute set positions Amnesia Scanner as a force to be reckoned with. Little is known about the producer: s/he produced Mykki Blanco’s “Booty Bamboo,” seems to have ties with UNO NYC, and has been releasing a bunch of thematically consistent videos since late last year (many of which didn’t make this set). But nothing really prepared us for this exhibition of sound, where HD explosions and reversed cymbals meet F2M drama and dance music caught mid-stream, with digital shards of glass stabbing you as you’re violently jerked around its sterile world. It’s a hyperextension through the digital muck: aestheticized chronos, sentient beats, all dynamics: noisy, disorienting, & exhilarating, running on its own cold, mechanical inertia: the moment when you realize the security camera is no longer for your security at all.

Download AS LIVE [][][][][] here, and stream the whole thing here:

(via Dummy)

• Amnesia Scanner: http://www.amnesiascanner.net

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