Amun Dragoon & Mensa Group International
Fjords, Vol. II

After featuring two tracks off Amun Dragoon and Mensa Group International’s Fjords, Vol. II split on my most recent mix, Love Divine, I figured I better give the record some undivided Choco love.

One of my favorite related “vaporwave” (wait, that’s what we’re still calling it, right?) releases of this year so far, these artists draw from a deeper, darker well of sample material than their contemporaries. The memories of sitting through that super outdated training video I had to watch when I used to work at Avis are beginning to fade; the flashbacks of playing Mavis Beacon are gone. This digital nostalgia is diluted with cinematic sequences and spiritual scenes that remain with the listener far beyond the brief 13 minutes of music.

Released by the generous Ailanthus Recordings, Fjords, Vol. II can be downloaded here for whatever price you want.

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