♫♪  Ancient Ocean - Neró: A Collection of Works 2010​-​2016

The depth of Ancient Ocean beneath us, its volume, the vastness of the matter it contains. “The Weight of Rising Seas.” John Bohannon has plumbed its depths over the years and come away awestruck. We’re right there along with him, you and me, in this canoe on it, becalmed, among the pink and blue.

Neró is the last navigator, an explorer, a scientist, a man whose yearning for knowledge has driven him down a path of obsession, fixated as he is on the basic constructs and functions of the Ancient Ocean. His fieldwork covers 2010-2016. He has been adrift for a long time.

Processes and configurations emerge and fascinate, shifting gradually among currents. Patterns materialize, hinting at the underlying structure, the molecular makeup, the deep link between water and life. Basic forms. Complex forms. Interconnectivity.


Drift upon (or through) the Ancient Ocean, the unending expanse, the luminous, living waters. Look to the stars to guide you, twinkling on the surface of the sea, so you may never run aground again.

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