♫♪  Ando Laj - “Zone Two”

In some contexts, the word “procedural” can come across rather negatively. A procedural person is perceived as lacking spontaneity, and the excitement that comes with the connotation. People malign the procedural in music, as we often desire something strong in sound. At least from what I’ve seen, that boils down to volume bordering on excess, inorganic in it’s own way ironically enough. To be fair, there’s no shortage of procedure in electronic music but when you step out of the Soundcloud wasteland to find those producers that are truly building something with procedure, you’ll find strangely beautiful structures like “Zone Two”.

Ando Laj’s pool of primordial proteins and H2O is unmistakable: straight 90’s IDM, thoroughly decanted about 20 years through a sieve of deliberate programming. There’s some life brewing in “Zone Two”, evolutionary acids threading and stratifying into a lush structure, a funky shambler. While it’s not without it’s mathematical inclinations, it doesn’t get more organic than Ando Laj’s bubbling pit, reinvigorated electronic. Procedural but science-project-gone-rogue procedural, slinking across the lake and through the mud to a beat of its own. Blooming beats and shedding rhythm at the same time, a weird creature of process with the sort of contradictions you’d expect iridescent funk to have.

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