♫♪  Animah - “Truce”

Almost a year and a half later, Solid Melts comes back to listeners with new release Animah by Animah. Featuring the single “Truce,” listeners can expect that familiar serenity Solid Melts has consistently driven throughout the years, but this time with a little bit of Animah pop-flair. Serene vocals caress the mirror-castle instrumentals echoing with reflection throughout an empty-lit atmosphere, projecting a tingling rhythm that endures the laps of big-beat percussion. For sure, “Truce” is that sort of house-driven, 140bpm track, but the minimalism of its construction bares a weight that’s heavily present, while sonically not there. Dig into the nuances of absence, and pick up Animah now on Solid Melts via cassette and digital platforms:

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