♫♪  Arca - &&&&&

Following his programming credits on the thicker, fleshier hunk of Yeezus, Arca delivers his fullest-bodied work yet with &&&&&. The 25-minute (freely downloadable, 320 kbps) “mix” contains nothing but the NYC artist’s own latest productions, true to his longstanding policy. The 14 fragments frequently call to mind Burial’s Truant in form and function (with a juke approach to vocal samples), revealing new depths of beauty in Arca’s discography. There is still room for a Snoop stem or two therein.

01. Knot
02. Harness
03. Fossil
04. Feminine
05. Anaesthetic
06. Coin
07. Century
08. Mother
09. Hallucinogen
10. Pinch
11. DM True
12. Waste
13. Pure Anna
14. Obelisk

• Arca: http://soundcloud.com/arca-2
• Hippos in Tanks: http://hipposintanks.net

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