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Last May, “POLYGONモール” and “SURF ~ FOREVER” were released under different names on different compilations one day apart. “POLYGONモール” was on Pleasure Network Selections Vol. 1 from VSJRP (now General Translator) under the name 東京の建築. The later was on Business Casual’s Digital Office One under the name Architecture in Tokyo.

If you check the Facebook page or chug 東京の建築 through a translator, you’ll find they’re one in the same: a Detroit-based Sink Sinkerson hovering in and around a newly (relative) opened party of Nu-Disco creators where there are direct stems from (the alive and well/don’t listen to vaporwave) vaporwave. Its infectious spread, bond in sample-based nostalgia (an obvious fetish of disco), and the internet labels behind them (re: Business Casual). Through all the vaporwave/Nu-Disco parallels, the one pillar that pulls me in is the positivity between artists & artists, artists & fans, fans & fans.

Positivity is still cool, y’all!

Architecture in Tokyo’s second full-length is a self-titled off AMDISCS (so you know it rules) with seven new tracks. You can listen to the five singles/collaborations released in the past months (like TMT favs “FOREVER” or “MIMOSA” (ft. スーパーセックス永遠にSUPERSEX420)) alongside “BODY” and “WHEN WE MEET AGAIN” below. Sink says there are cassettes on the way and Sink never lies.

• Architecture in Tokyo: https://soundcloud.com/architecture_in_tokyo
• Architecture in Tokyo: https://www.facebook.com/ArchitectureInTokyo
• AMDISCS: https://soundcloud.com/amdiscs

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