♫♪  Armand Hammer - “B.E.T.”

In “B.E.T.,” the first single off Armand Hammer’s forthcoming Furtive Movements EP, Elucid raps: “Brooklyn Canaanite temple rusher/ God is love and I just want to fuck her/ Thrust deeper, pull out, nut up on her pelvis/ She wailing from the gut like Tekitha.” And so once again lyric obsessives like yours truly proceed to pore over lines upon lines of code like hackers too erudite for Rap Genius, learning some cool shit in the process. For example, did you know that Wu songstress Tekitha teamed with house producer Armand Van Helden in 2003 to form the duo Sahara, who released several 12”s, which go for around $1 each, and an EP, which is currently selling for $174?

Learning is fun, especially when it makes you want to incite a riot and/or stab somebody. That’s that Armand Hammer, and anyone who has pre-ordered their Furtive Movements EP (in stores August 5) will be pleased to know that TMT is going to be conducting a lyric-centric interview with them in the near future (hopefully sometime next week), so look out for that.

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