♫♪  ☯ARPEGGI8☯ - “☾ ℳOONLIT ℬAY ☾”

For all I know, ☯ARPEGGI8☯ isn’t a moniker at all. Which is to say, I know very little about about the artist, except that s/he (or it) seems to identify with the seapunk microgenre. But while most of the songs at the artist’s SoundCloud are labeled as such, one of them is curiously labeled “memory.” Unlike another ☯ARPEGGI8☯ track, “♒ BEAUTIFUL ♒ BRINY ♒ SEA ♒” — which begins with a sample of “The Beautiful Briny Sea,” left-turns into a fragmented beatscape, and then finally lines up again with the sample in a rather uncomfortable hybridization — “☾ ℳOONLIT ℬAY ☾” starts with a non-sampled section of tinkling bells and robotic accompaniment, then slowly fades out after the breezy introduction of a sample that seems so culturally embedded it feels like we’ve only just recently experienced it. And, as it turns out, we have, in a beautifully decayed form beyond this world.

Memory, memory, m e m o r y,  m  e  m  o  r  y,   m   e   m   o   r   y.

• ☯ARPEGGI8☯: http://arpeggi8.tumblr.com

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