♫♪  Ashan - “Earth Magic Life Celebration”

I cannot claim to be a huge fan of the series Star Trek: The Next Generation, but a friend who is highly recommended an episode a few months back. “The Inner Light” details how Capt. Picard gets transported to a peaceful society in the past, only to discover that their world is slowly dying due to a persistent drought. The episode itself is quite good, however, the image of Picard learning to play some mystical flute stuck with me long after the episode ended.

When Sean Conrad, who records under the name Ashan and heads the ultra chill Oakland label Inner Islands, e-mailed me about his latest record, Earth Magic Life Celebration, I knew I was in for a treat. But I didn’t know how chilled out and positive this record was going to be. If any record was going to remind me of that Next Gen episode, it is most definitely Earth Magic Life Celebration. Two years in the making, the record combines earthy drones and relaxed percussion to a very mellow effect. In addition to the sounds, Ashan has put together a 36-page, full-color zine. The tape and zine are available thru the Inner Islands Bandcamp. While you’re there be sure to browse the back catalog, including the very essential Oceanic Triangulation compilation. Damn, listening to this makes me want to brew some green tea, bring out the bath salts, and take a long soak with these grooves on in the background.

• Ashan: http://thegentleways.com
• Inner Islands: http://innerislands.com

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