♫♪  AZHA - Celestial Meadows

How long can you breath underwater? FIRST of all, the secret is obviously swallowing. If you wanna hold your air-intact like an amateur, that’s FINE, but SECOND: watch a little bit of David Blaine. Most importantly is the THIRD step, which is to give a TED TALK for as long as half your audience has passed out and you’re blue in the face (a.k.a. the typical amount of time) on the affects of a water-filled world. As we all know, dolphins possess a holographic language that attributes to third-eye chakras, whether or not y’all can access either a gaggle of dolphi or trio vision. However, once both have been revealed to you (or any other human), you’re levitated by this gaggle of dolphi into an area out of water, above the Earth now nearly covered in all water (i.e., Kevin Costner), and placed upon the Celestial Meadows in the AZHA region of the atmosphere. There, you some how meet up with Golden Donna, who’s recommending (shouts-out, btw) you listen to the building music swirling compassing the plain upon which you both exist now. Hearing all the stutters and flutters of sounds glimmering and swelling to no heart beat, but the Earth’s gravitational rotation. And all Golden Donna has been saying upon looking down is, “Kevin Costner, tho. You know?”

You looking for some mind expansion? AZHA has what you need out in the Celestial Meadows, which you can buy the cassette here after depleting all your Bandcamp listens below. Again, shout out to the shoe-melting house-builder Golden Donna for the recommendation!

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