♫♪  BAba-TEK - TWAT73D! [ep] - 6​-​cd​-​Br8kor3 sE7

Y’all be watching that Lego Movie, but I’m all about the LEGO DUPLO shit big blocks and smoother edges; none of those little pieces that get stuck in between your toes when you walk across your place late at night, trying to find a sink so you can have just a little glass of water the light of your laptop still shining and the fucking Batman-Lego guy twitching because putlocker be all like ‘Pay for your internet upgrade doosh bag’ and you get the water and go back to the laptop and listen to that new Aphex Twin tune and think ‘I made that tune like seven years ago!’ and then ‘Fuck, if only feeling sleepy and feeling bored could be more of a … whats it called … venn diagram.’

I know nothing about David Headon. He describes himself as a ‘healer’ on soundcloud, and could be Canadian. Right now, he captures some of the humor and barraging anti-social vigor I experienced on first being exposed to those ugly dance hermits; gabba, happy hardcore and of course, chip-tune (ugh). He’ll never smooth things out, shave his fluffy beard, and dust the black burn off his old camp trangia. He’ll never be a Perc, or Om Unit, and that’s the joy of it.

• BAba-TEK: https://www.facebook.com/BabaTEKMusic

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