Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk

The first single from the upcoming Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk full-length is called “Saturday,” but I’ve been enjoying it as a kind of after-work-on-Tuesday anthem. After the high-toned swells of their incredible 2008 album, Eek Shriek Beak, the band slowly slid into the lower end of towering noise with a handful of cassette releases and their second full-length effort, Skeletor & Me, released on Brooklyn’s Fire Talk in 2010. With “Saturday” from their upcoming second effort on Fire Talk, BBDDM has settled on a kind of middle ground between the substantially different sounds of those first two albums. The guitar and drum structure of their earlier material lie the groundwork from which the towering wall of effected noise from recent material can swell, and yet the space between the two different BBDDM eras is seamless. Only BBDDM can make such grandiose noise sound so calm and beautiful. It’s the sound of years and years of experience and experimentation in house-show basements throughout America reaching an answer.

Listen to “Saturday” below and look for the upcoming full-length, Think Tone, on Fire Talk on July 9 — although, you may want to get on top of the pre-order now, because only 300 copies are being released between vinyl and cassette.

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