♫♪  Balam Acab - “Ass Pop”

20-year-old electric wunderkind Balam Acab has always had a penchant for filthy, bass-heavy beats — less dancehall-ready, more haunted-house-in-the-swamp. It’s not surprising, then, that “Ass Pop,” his brief but nonetheless fascinating take on the strip club jam, is more spooky than sexy: you’ve got your standard handclaps and turbo-bass, sure, but the main attractions are the oozing, molasses-thick drum samples, which may be the strangest accompaniment for any song with “ass” in the title. Oh, and there are some barking dogs in there for good measure. Acab knows one of the key rules of trap music: it isn’t a jam without the woofs.

• Balam Acab: http://www.myspace.com/thebalamacab
• Tri Angle: http://www.tri-anglerecords.com

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