♫♪  Ballout & Tadoe - Rise of the GloGang Empire

Even the most casual observer of TMT will notice that Chief Keef is kinda a big name round these parts, and this extends to pretty much everything else the guy’s involved in. It was Almighty’s cousin Matti BayBee who previously received some love in February’s mixtape column, and now we cast our gaze towards GloGang members Ballout and Tadoe, who just popped off their new project/tape/album/whatever Rise of the GloGang Empire. Precious little info out there on this one, but in all honestly it hardly needs much explanation: these 10 joints of bass-inflicted bangers, replete with disorientated free verse and plentiful usage of machine gun ad-libs, do the talking pretty damn nicely. Sosa himself checks in on the previously released “All Me”, and even Yung Lean turns in a tidy verse on the closing number; it’s all in a days work for this most bounteous of link-ups. The Empire has well and truly risen. Peep:

• Ballout: https://twitter.com/balloutglooo
• Tadoe: http://www.tadoedasavage.com
• GloGang: http://glogangworldwide.com

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