Banana Head
“Grim in the Fridge”

It’s the first time you’re driving alone at night. The air is right with the wind, breezing slightly through the car, and the person coughing in the front seat is either high or dying or both, but dragging ‘em out of the country road ditch was a much better idea than running ‘em over ‘cause maybe there’s money for gas in the wallet, since you’re running low, and five fast food joints you applied to last week rejected your eight years of service experience for someone younger. Yet now you’re $20 richer, and there’s a tape slipping out of the suffering/captive/hi-dying passenger inside coat pocket, so you pop it out and into your player, and rediscover the meaning of rock & roll.

And as intense as any moment can be, for the first time, your new pal pulls their arms up, revealing two sleeves of tattoos and points to the word Zully; points to his chest; points to an illustration of a Banana Head; points to the radio and says, “fucccck ittttt do thhhe ‘Grim in the Fridge’ aiiiiiin’t no Goon House in Euuuuuurope, buttttt I jusss gotta gggggg’oh.”

Goaty Tapes re-released Banana Head’s 2012 7-inch Goon House on cassette, providing way more portability to slur it all in.

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