Maybe it’s time to just give up. Recently, I think all this drinking just put a bruise or pimple on my liver. And it’s way better to vape, anyhow. Same effects, maybe. So respect to Afternoons Modeling for dropping future-r&b heat like “FIRE” by BARLEAUX. Not that it’s new for the label to dabble across genres, but BARLEAUX has backing instrumentals that rival any radioplay pop productionist, and vocals and lyrical content that’s too relateable. But the blend of singing and production is exactly what creates this ethereal effect, ensnaring listeners almost as if it were dispelling curses of the IRL grind.

Thus, melt along to BARLEAUX’s “FIRE” before life gets too much to handle. Afternoons Modeling will always be here for you!

• BARLEAUX: http://barleaux.bandcamp.com
• Afternoons Modeling: http://afternoonsmodeling.bandcamp.com

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