♫♪  Baychester Blues - “Red 7”

I’m with my friends. My home-town friends. And we’re listening to some [guilty pleasure music] on the low, but mid to mid-to-high volume because we really don’t give a shit, only: “What’s up?”

Significant in one’s life is up to serendipity. There’s a premiss and interest, but everything else is a stakeout. Who moves first in which way? The recognition and chase-scene montage. I hear you now about that “disguises” idea.

Baychester Blues been homies for a minute, forever. So when NPR’s comes thru with that Tiny Bronx Contest 2018, you know the locals are coming out to jam. Feeling it is the name of every single game.

“Red 7” is off Baychester Blues’ release Synesthesia. It’s really the perfect spot. If you’re down to chill. Let’s talk about everything a little.

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