♫♪  Beastie Respond - Information City

And so it goes. I will rely on music to get me through everything in life, I believe. Currently, my commmute is boring AYE EFF, and a trek that doubles as a great workout. The asset becomes my ears as devices of miracle, attributing my surroundings to what I am directly mentally experiencing via headphones. I’ve been waiting all day to listen to Information City by Beastie Respond (having only listened to the single “Me And Swifty Might Still F-U Up” for an hour straight today), and this shit is dramatic. Similar to the Beastie Respond remix I looped earlier, the project’s newest release on Foul-Up contours sounds in a sculpture of dramatics, actually banging and glitching five tracks of pure pump into the soundtrack for a-little-something-deeper that’ll piss off the neighbors at 4AM on a Tuesday night, “YEAH, CALL THE FUCKING COPS or DAIL THE APP, YOU’RE ALL DOWNLOADS, UPDATE!”

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