♫♪  Beloved Woman’s Milk - S/T

Eniquity does right in midtown at 10am on a Sunday for a $555 veterinary appointment only to get clarification from the doctor that you’ve kept your dog in perfect health, she’s just old now and slowing down a bit. $555 to be told to be more patient with her on walks, but that’s how people (even) slow down, so you try to race her to the car on 10th ave, diving through all the people and construction. Only she finds her snout down a hole where a union worker is digging, and as you turn to grab her, you slip a slight step on a plastic SD card holder with an SD card in it.

Get home: Bizzy Bone your dog is chowing down on stains the floor as your scrolling through all these back-alley photos using a laptop to excavate that SD card. Back alley photos that all look like crime scenes before and just after crimes happen: lots of stalking photos, gallons of blood pooled and splashed about without any bodies or actual flesh damage, or bone or whatever else, and weapons being held above pools and splashed of blood, with the last photo of someone with their thumbs up and in MEME font above the man’s forehead: JKJKJKJKJKJK.

The final item on the list is a folder containing the new Beloved Woman’s Milk S/T release on nightmare, below:

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