♫♪  Ben Aqua - “He She”

I lost my iPod on a connecting flight Tuesday and the super airbus conglomerate won’t return my calls unless I tithe, so I’m looking out into the nearest body of water, gathering Eurythmics cassettes. Where did you go? Did a youngin’ scoop it in a moment of devine intervention? Did a slightly older youngin’ scoop it and go directly to eBay you son of a bitch. Wherever you are, Trap Benetar, I hope you’re reading this. I’ve moved on. Now, you’re probably like, “the fuck dude it’s been three days,” but the odds are against us since people are inherently greedy and airlines, under law, are people and Ben Aqua snuck 4C1D in this Costco size cup of coffee.

“He She” is the B-Side but stands alone as “4C1D” is originally from February’s Virtual Anticipation. There’s a mid-desert rave feel of “He She” grimy acid house that keeps it sharp after each play. While the rest of 4C1D shows the title track love with remixes by label mate Supraman, blue collar footworker Sarantis, and Planet Mu/Dance Mania dude of legends Gant-Man. Ben Aqua even mashes up “4C1D” with classic JT. Stream 4C1D on Bandcamp in full.

• Ben Aqua: http://benaqua.org
• Ben Aqua: https://soundcloud.com/b3naqua
• Virtual Feelings: http://music.virtualfeelings.com

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