♫♪  Ben Zimmerman - Heartbreak

This year’s where-have-you-been deep cut is (for me) far and away Ben Zimmerman’s The Baltika Years. You’ve probably listened to it and read all about how this all came about, and maybe thought “well, it took 10 years to create and another 13 to find a home at Software – we’re not going to see this guy for another decade!” Well, you’re very wrong, as Ben has just released a new EP titled Heartbreak just to rub it in.

The first half (“Heartbreak” and “Lover”) have been on Ben Zimmerman’s Bandcamp since May of 2013. “Disco Love” and “Love Me Tonight,” Heartbreak’s other two cuts, are in a similar disco-led drawl, possibly recorded around the same time as the first two. Their exact origin is unclear, but what we do know is Exo Tapes is blending the four into a limited release of 45 cassettes. Want to bandage the pain you caused by doubting Ben? Grab a copy over at Exo Tapes and maybe invite the man over for dinner.

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