♫♪  Ben Zimmerman - My Mind is Fried, But What a Ride

Like a rusty machete still sharp with usage in the middle of thick too raw for humans to travel without a blade, Ben Zimmerman emerges in a thought-wave of clandestine reality in his new Exo Tapes Inc. My Mind is Fried, But What a Ride. Out now on tape is a meditation of mental stasis that traverses realms of musics that muse the imagination for the sludged brain. Dragged around in the lower levels of spinal fluid, brought up by something ultra familiar, and then twisted dry, leaking out all the fluid into a glass, then taking a big gulp of “Remember when?” Like flies on a smell, My Mind is Fried, But What a Ride is sort of a mixtape, one-off, besides experience of various windows in to the mind of Ben Zimmerman music-making. Exo Tapes Inc. is always right there on the scene to scoop that gold. So dig on some bugged out inspiration below:

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