♫♪  Benedek - Kushel

SHIT! I was at a solid: “Nothing can beat Time Flying Beats on Leaving Records in 2018. They outdone themselves first thing in January; Matthewdavid immediately crushed it on the label he owns; there’s no way Leaving Records can even graze Time Flying Beats.”

Well, Sam Gendel damn-near nicked Time Flying Beats in shape and form — like polar opposite magnets that are distributed just right to hover, “Oh, yes!” — but Benedek’s newest Kushel takes a huge step forward for Leaving Records.

Not only does Kuchel dive into older sounds previously released on the L.A. label, but it surpasses Time Flying Beats and Pass If Music. There’s a kismet in Kuchel that’s completely fire-and-soul. A nostalgia that’s less a memory but more a creation. Like, world-building in a universe that’s never been created. You’re out there. As you. But not. You.

And Leaving Records decided to go with “Ethereal Burn” as the album’s single, which is a track I’d argue is the worst on Kuchel. All the better, though. Soon as the second song pops the player, the title track “Kuchel,” you WILL look back at that Bandcamp tab. This moment is your realization. Continue to cloud. The orange is out there:

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