♫♪  Benjamin Louis Brody - “Far Away I”

An all-opening storm nears to seek the attention’s reasoning. Directing atmosphere in “Far Away I” is composer Benjamin Louis Brody, doubling as creator and collaborator to his own work. These sounds are derived from Brody’s previous recordings, manipulated and texture-shifted hues from latent orchestral self-origin. Manipulations of resonant strings are turning, blooming, absorbing, reflecting, gathering. A space somewhat mournful, sweep and range are vast, no dividing lines, though with a subtle pulse and alterations to its density. What’s best is the sense of unfolding — no landing planned, resolution defers forward, all toward some continuum along a vanishing point. Likely good for the emotions.

What does “it’s still moving” even mean? Far Away Music, Brody’s first release for UK label Preserved Sound, gives an answer in the intro track, “Far Away I,” streaming below:

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