♫♪  Bewilderness - “Pathway”

Jeff Stonehouse released a #deep record for Cooper Cult last year. He was a member of Listening Mirror, therefore, like all members of the ambient/drone/cassette scene, probably has a dozen other monikers of high caliber tonal transcendence under his belt. (Do drone artists wear belts? Do they even wear pants? How can we focus on these insignificant details if all we have is “the music”?!)

“Pathways” is a stylized detour away from Listening Mirror’s material. This new track, a “work in progress” from a not-yet-existent project, is characteristically lugubrious. (I apologize for using that word in serious context. The first contact I ever had with it was while reading Le Petite Prince. The Price meets the Lugubrious Man on a planet about the size of a weather balloon, on which the Lugubrious Man sits at a wooden table and drinks, and then discards the bottles behind him, where they form a lugubrious pile. Why does he drink? To forget he is ashamed of drinking.) Anyways, Stonehouses music is atmospheric without the serenity displayed by Tape Loop Orchestra, and barren without the guttural essence displayed by Lustmord. It is melancholy beyond the point of being French, even beyond being misérable. Even beyond the south England rains that arrived in March one year and decided to never leave, ever.

• Jeff Stonehouse: http://jffstnhs.bandcamp.com

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