♫♪  Big Sigh & Bad Dream Vacuum - “Circus”

My uncle Ralph used to always say, “Listen to this new song by Big Sigh & Bad Dream Vacuum. It’s called “Circus,” and it’s truly top notch!” And I’d always say, “Will do, uncle Ralph. Heck, I could use some new music in my life,” not believing such a song existed, but still playing along. Then, naturally, he’d retort, “The fish within hasn’t saved the moon for a millennia,” and I’d nod furiously in agreement, then ultimately would spill the beans that my car was holding a very important meeting, and that I’d have to skedaddle as soon as possible. He, of course, always understood.

Well, to my surprise, “Circus” by Big Sigh & Bad Dream Vacuum DOES exist, and old Ralph wasn’t fibbing either: it rules! It has everything one looks for in a pop song: sounds, words, AND arrangement. Scope the track below, and be on the look out for the cassette of It Gets Easier, from which “Circus” is taken from, available on March 15th.

• Big Sigh: https://soundcloud.com/big-sigh
• Bad Dream Vacuum: http://baddreamvacuum.tumblr.com
• Oligopolist Records: https://oligopolistrecords.bandcamp.com

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