The Bilinda Butchers

Naming yourself after a member of My Bloody Valentine is one way to signal your intent to listeners. Another is to claim your genre as “Nostalgic Pop”, a term that comes with a lot of trappings in 2011. Our current obsession with nostalgia seems to position past eras as more pure and desirable than modern chaos — but is that simply a parochial view? I asked The Bilinda Butchers to expound on their nostalgic angle, and this is what they said:

We want to create music that encourages people to reflect on past events on their lives, both happy and sad, and sort of daydream about what could have been. We really want our music to coexist with people’s memories — to help them recreate scenes from their lives in their heads, and to allow them to sort of get lost in what happened, or maybe what they’d hoped would happen.

It’s a more bittersweet, regret-tinged take on musical revisionism than I had expected. Take a listen to the beautiful “Tulips” from their self-released EP and see what comes to mind, then stream the rest of the EP on bandcamp.

• The Bilinda Butchers:

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