Biosexual [EP]

After months of frothing at the mouth and countless visits to my therapist, Biosexual saved me by finally releasing an EP with three whole new songs alongside the incredible yogacore masterstroke “Sleigher,” a track that debuted on band member Michael RJ Saalman’s SoundCloud page about a year ago. Today, we can stream the debut EP from the trio, which includes Alak’s Jocelyn Noir and Zac Nelson (mad genius behind Charbroile, a sadly overlooked 2012 long player).

Biosexual sports crunchy’n’crispy electronics, spacious arrangements, confident melodies, weirdo syncopation, and an undeniable (and super tasty) 80s vibe. I’d say these tracks glow like neon, but this seems even nobler than that gas (Xenon or something?). Rumors now have these songs appearing on a full-length from Debacle Records this summer. Even if all the details aren’t entirely clear yet, several things are for certain, so let’s go over the facts:

01. Biosexual is an amazing band name.
02. There’s a song by this band called “Naked & Feeling It.”
03. This EP exists, and it is fucking great.

• Biosexual:

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