♫♪  Bitch I’m Madonna - “Bitch I’m Madonna” (feat. Nicki Minaj, prod. Diplo and SOPHIE)

Tracks from Madonna’s Rebel Heart leaked all the way back in December and we still haven’t talked about it! Obviously the one we care about most is the Sophie/Diplo/Nicki Minaj collaboration (most likely “Bitch I’m Madonna”). It’s almost two sonically different songs, the Madonna/Sophie verses, then the Diplo chorus that adds Minaj later on, though this version might drastically change by the March 9 release date. Effectively Sophie has QT’d Madonna, using the same formula as “Hey QT” except with THE pop star, effectively turning her into an advertisement for herself. Even Diplo’s gotten a kawaii revamp to his all-too-familiar beats. We don’t know Sophie’s intentions, but it seems as if this is all to pull the wool over mainstream music’s eyes (ears?). Or maybe Sophie’s just a big fat sellout. [Editor’s Note: almost saw a physical fight break out at work over the question, “Who’s helping who out: Madonna featuring Nicki or Nicki allowing Madonna to feature her?” when MDNA came out in 2012, so I’m beyond stoked for the new album come Spring and people be crowding errrywhere in NYC.]

• Madonna: http://www.madonna.com
• Nicki Minaj: http://mypinkfriday.com
• Sophie: https://soundcloud.com/msmsmsm
• Diplo: https://soundcloud.com/diplo

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