Black Pus
“Devolver” / “Police Song 2”

Black Pus, a.k.a. Brian Chippendale a.k.a. Brian Chimpendale a.k.a. Brianus Chimpedelius, updated his blog yesterday with a report on his mini tour with Buck Gooter and Mounds. But before he gets into the tour hijinks, he starts the post with a new track called “Devolver,” which he recorded to 4-track back in January. It’s a beastly motherfucker. Tacked on the end is an alternate take of “Police Song” from last year’s mighty Primordial Pus. Listen right here, BRO:

Chimp also posted 7 videos from the tour (including a couple of Buck Gooter and Mounds). Here’s one:

Ahhhh. Don’t you feel better now?

• Black Pus:

[Photo: Seth Tisue]

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